Viruses are not to blame, photography, 2017
4 zuza golinska viruses are not to blame

Working in a bank means being part of the structure. In fact we are all part of a bigger system – family, work, circle of friends and society. But some of those systems are characterized by a special set of rules. A dress code, a collection of acceptable behaviours and gestures, being a part of a certain rhythm and cycle of how things are supposed to be done. Following the given rules the structure becomes even more disciplined and routine becomes the norm. Strange behaviours are quickly spotted and eliminated. But there is a thing that can precipitate the system out of the ordinary: a virus, an error in the system. It can even be tiny, barely noticeable, but it can shake the structure even when it is on a small scale.

Photography series done during the Artist Development Programme residency run by the EIB Institute. Currently in the European Investment Bank Art Collection.