Common Ground, installation, 2016

The new project by Zuza Golińska is a result of observations concerning the recognition of ties between spatial elements present in our environment and negotiating their functions. During the process of many hours of walks, the artist records the sliding imagery moving in front of her and watches the changes of her perception of the environment, especially under fatigue and with changing mindfulness. One of the reference is defensive architecture, in its various forms — not only emphatic spikes embedded in the doors in front of building facades or solid fences, but also apparently neutral aspects of man-made landscaping which prevents unrestrained relaxation. Based upon on her observations, the artist creates an installation featuring the shapes resembling those that discipline spatial conditions and preclude free motion. What can be seen is not the literal elements of the space, or an obvious proposal for certain solutions, but rather an interpretation of well-known forms of a shared space. Entering the exhibition by Zuza Golińska means not only to watch the work of the artist, but also to actively participate in the observation of the rules, which are governed by space. If they were about to be moved to reality, they could become alike a project-proposal or a friendly-looking tool of control.

Text by Romuald Demidenko

Excerpt from Zuza Golińska. Common Ground (2016)