Schubert. Romantic Composition for Twelve Performers and a String Quartet, scenography, 2016

“In my work on the set design in Wałbrzych, I referred to the space of the park, to the act of delineating paths, determining divisions by means of surfaces rather than heights. I was interested in the high level of discipline maintained by the body and space, which accompanied the sphere of seeming relaxation, leisure and carefreeness – bans, orders and certain conventions, which affect us. My major reference point was the space of cemeteries. Many of them function akin to public parks, which offer a setting for leisurely strolls, picnics and relaxation. Situating the audience in the sections between which the actors moved, and thus breaking the typical safe division into the audience and the stage, was a key component of that project. I noticed the similarity between the architecture of cemeteries and statues and sculptural pedestals that can be found in parks. In the context of Schubert, that combination of recreation and death seemed adequate to me.”

Excerpt from the interview Observation Throught Effort, in: Zuza Golińska. Common Ground (2016), p. 29

Set design for the spectacle Schubert. Romantic Composition for Twelve Performers and a String Quartet