Choirboys, painting and installation, 2013

In the work Choirboys, over two hundred portraits of singing boys are painted using black ink on conventional A4 paper. Even though each portrait represents a separate individual, placed together - set up like a choir - the faces create a structured system that can only function if all members sing together to form an overall harmony. There is a space in front of the choir, outlined on the floor by red and white alarm tape, for the viewer to place himself in the position of the conductor.

A relation and dynamic is created between being a part of a group and the individual experience. Living in times where a highly individualistic perspective of life is promoted, do we still feel the desire to belong to a group and be accepted by it? The community still provides us with the feeling of security and safety, it helps us to identify ourselves as a part of a bigger unit like a family, group of friends and broadly a society.

Two first pictures by Bogna Kociumbas