Loop, installation, 2014

The installation Loop was made in one of the rooms of the abandoned Branicki Palace in the Old Town in Warsaw. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes were arranged on two opposing walls, leaning against each other at various angles. Entering the room a person becomes reflected from multiple angles, creating a broken image. Each movement can be perceived simultaneously in three plains: the movement itself, the direct reflection of the movement in the mirror and the reflection of the reflection on the opposite wall.

The structure of the room and its architecture is being decomposed. Mirror as the basic source and object of self-identification is always attracting to look at it. Entering the room self refections are multiplying while loosing the initial view one is used to see.

The installation was made from the leftovers of mirrors donated by local glaziers, that have scratched surfaces, marks or unusable formats and are not going to be sold anymore. Glaziers that donated mirrors for the installation in Warsaw: Aneta Czerwińska, Jakub Klonowski, Piotr Janocha and in Sopot: Henryk Andrejenko.

Pictures by Magdalena Łazarczyk