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Brilliant Blue

Brilliant Blue, installation, 2015

The stage is a border - a platform that divides the space in two. The difference between the levels allows people standing on the stage to look at the room from a higher perspective; giving them the ability to feel taller. It can also sanctify individuals standing on it and make those standing below seem inferior. The empty room is turned into a landscape where the stage is a promise of significance and fame.

The spacial intervention Brilliant Blue was realized in the abandoned Alfa Department Store in Poznań, in an area on the top floor which used to be a night club. In the main room the only remaining sign of its previous function is a run down stage. By rebuilding the front of the platform and adding an eight meters long line of blue neon light, I underline the division between the two levels. The installation highlights the difference between materials used in the space before - the tiles on the floor and the wood panels on the stage. The glow of the neon and the fact that the podium is closed off by walls on either side brings back the aura of the stage as a separate more exclusive part of the room with a panorama view for the city.

Brilliant Blue could be viewed in two versions - during the day and during the night - representing very different sceneries. In the daylight the neons give off a light blue radiance, almost white, making the space look realistic with the rebuilt front of the stage clearly visible. All the angles, distances and structures are apparent. The night version is bathed in an intensive blue light, with the neon border underlining the shape of the stage most vividly. The whole room gets a cosmic aura, everything that's brought into the area changes color and loses its realistic appearance. The dual character of the space relates to night clubs were the atmosphere during the day is very different from the one at night.

The work was made for a project connecting topics of melancholy and the city organized by Kolektyw1a

Pictures by Robert Kujawa